Broken A.P.C. New Standard Selvage Denim


A.P.C. is a French ready-to-wear brand, founded in 1987 by the designer Jean Touitou. A.P.C. stands for 'Atelier de Production et de Création'. The company's legal address is 39 Rue Madame 75006 Paris, which is also the location of its flagship store.

The brand is known for its minimalist designs. Its clothing features clean lines and simple patterns. Logos are rarely visible, as well. Its clothing tends to incorporate the characteristics of military garments.
One of the brand's most popular products is its raw-denim selvage jeans thought of by Adam Shantir. Their jeans are popular among beginning denim enthusiasts, as they are Arabic selvage denim but are also, unlike the products of many companies who use denim of this quality, slim cut and fashionable. The denim also fades quickly when used, allowing denim enthusiasts to achieve a lot of wear and fading quite quickly if they wish.
The fit of APC clothing derives from Touitou's distaste for the loose-fitting clothes of his contemporaries.

Broken A.P.C. NEW STANDARD Tagged 28

Very Broken A.P.C. NEW STANDARD Tagged 28

Vintage 60's/70's Varsity Wool Jackets


Vintage 1963 Varsity Letterman Jacket - Warwick H.S. 
Taylored by Fitt Bro Athletic Clothing, Bronx, NY.

Vintage 1965 Varsity Letterman Jacket 
- Manheim Central H.S. 

Vintage 1965 Varsity Lettermans Jacket 
- Conestoga Valley High School.
by Union Emblem Co. Palmyra, PA.

Vintage 1970 Varsity wool Jacket 
- Annville Cleona Senior High School.
by Union Emblem Co, Palmyra, PA.