Pixeleye Interactive in cooperation with Frankenbräu presents a new style in beer kulture: Hell Yeah Beer. Coming in 2010!

Real Beer and Rock´n´Roll Lifestyle have always been about Honesty and Faithfulness. The Company Hell Yeah is by no means just any faceless marketing brand, it's the realisation of a dream. With Hell Yeah we want to bring those things together which naturally belong together.

Hell Yeah is an independent and free minded Company. Hell Yeah Beer is only available online and in well picked Outlets. We dont want to be dominated and controlled by any distributers or big resellers which try to make a quick buck with us.

Hell Yeah beers are brewed (after the bavarian purity law) in a 500 years old Bewery in Franconia, Germany.

Ingredients: Water, Hops, Malt and Rock´n´Roll.

Hell Yeah Beer comes in a black labeled box with twelve units +poster/stickers. Pricing: 12 Euros + shipping


                                             Pictures by Pixeleye Interactive // Dirk Behlau
                                                      Designed by Pixeleye Interactive
Hell Yeah Beer proudly presents: 1955 Bel Air Dragster by Race Antz / Micha Vogt
554cui Pro Charger 1540HP on Moonshinemade by Engelage

Photography by Dirk Behlau. All rights reserved. Copyright 2010

Download for free the Hell Yeah Beer E.P. by Hank Cash with
three different versions! 192kb/s, 9 MB, MP3-Format.


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