Momotaro Jeans are named after another mythological character: Momotaro, an enormously powerful and brave boy who jumped out of a gigantic peach floating down a river. Hence the cute pink peach in the company’s logo.

The jeans are made around Momotaro’s mythical place of birth, Okayama, since hundreds of years Japan’s capital of cotton weavers. It was actually here that Japan’s first fully domestic jeans were created in 1973. Since then, Okayama, and neighboring Hiroshima, have become the world’s mecca for denim designers. Fashion designers from all over the world visit here regularly.

Momotaro Jeans’ high quality stems from several sources. An important one is the cotton used. The company only uses handpicked Zimbabwe Cotton. This cotton provides a high luster, while its well-proportioned fiber structure makes it pliable and perfect for dyeing. When Zimbabwe cotton is dyed with a traditional artisan method called Sho-Ai (True or Natural Indigo) which uses water to which lime, sugar and sake are added, it creates a unique vertical fade. This is known as Tateochi.

Fine long fiber cotton used in production of Momotaro Jeans

The company also employs rope dyeing. This is a technique that keeps the core of the denim thread white, thereby producing a bolder patina. Momotaro Jeans’ traditional way of dyeing is combined with using special looms. One of its looms is one of only two in the world! It takes at least three days to finish the denim on this original hand weaving machine, and requires adjusting the tension on the loom according to the temperature and humidity of the day. This creates a quality, clear uneven surface and color that few, if any, competitors can match.

Original Momotaro Jeans Denim Fabric is woven
in Vintage Denim Mills using classic shuttle looms

Original Momotaro Jeans Denim Fabric
produced with Vintage Shuttle Looms

The picture shows blue dyed hands of a natural indigo craftsman

Momotaro Jeans receive their finishing touches on special vintage sewing machines that have been replaced with modern equipment just about everywhere else.

Momotaro Jeans are sewn by artisans using Vintage sewing machines
 like Union Special. Made by hand without compromise.

Vintage Jeans made with Vintage Union Special sewing machine

Momotaro Jeans signature buttons

The company’s slogan is Made by hand without compromise. Prices reflect that. Although the company offers products over a wide range of prices, the most exclusive Momotaro Jeans set you back a cool 2,000 dollars.

Some of finest Momotaro denim heavy used,
often worn several months without washing


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Awesome Jeans, It's too fashionable. Momotaro Jeans vintage wash trouser is a comfortable pair of jeans that sits slightly lower on the waist to stretch out the look of your torso, it comes in a nice medium blue shade.

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